Today's the day!


So, congress and the senate have been pushing SOPA and PIPA for the past few months. Well it's finally come down to the wire. 
I've been a bit fighter of these two bills over the past few months, and I've been doing a lot to spread the word. 

If you could, PLEASE check out and sign these petitions? And check out these sites and read up on what we're facing, and find out what you can do to help us keep the internet censorship free. We've got to let them know that we support a free internet, where information is NOT censored by corporate greed. These bills are NOT just about fighting piracy, they're about the very freedom of our information. If I still had a website, you can bet I'd be joining the others in today's blackout. 

Those of you that are also my friends on Facebook, you know I've been spamming the crap out of my wall with this stuff for a few weeks now. (And if you're not my friend on Facebook, why aren't you?!) :P heh I kid. 

But really, this is something I feel very strongly about, and I'm not alone in this. These bills would destroy the internet as we know it. They are essentially the equivalent of the internet firewalls that China, Iran and others have. 

So please, stand with me, Reddit, Mozilla, Google, Wikipedia, LiveJournal and numerous others against these bills. 

Also, if you're into the whole facebook thing, the image at the top of my post can be used as the cover image on your timeline like mine! 

Also also, if you're doing the whole twitter thing: 1.) add me! (@Meridon) 2.) change your icon to protest SOPA!

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continuing the MEME! :D 
Day 01 - Your favorite song : Mountains by Biffy Clyro
Day 02 - Your favorite movie : Newsies
Day 03 - Your favorite television program : Burn Notice
Day 04 - Your favorite book : Any of the Chronicles of Narnia by CS Lewis
Day 05 - Your favorite quote : I have lots of favorites, but can't really think of any in particular right now.
Day 06 - Whatever tickles your fancy : I'm really, REALLY digging the Eleventh Doctor. I mean, I loved Tennant, but I'm REALLY loving Smith. So here, have a picture.

So I had an absolutely horrible dream last night D: 
It started off with my roommate and I. We looked out the window to see these 2 guys breaking into his car. So we both ran out there to stop them, and they started shooting at me. And they kept shooting, and I kept running, and they'd chase me and shoot me. Until finally, I just laid on the ground like I was dead, but I moved, and they were like "hah she's not dead!" so the one that was shooting me, started stabbing me with a butter knife (you know, the really dull, rounded tip ones). For some reason this was taking place in a dream version of the house we lived in when I was little. I finally managed to get away and hide in the bushes in front of the house, and had to find a way to get to the hospital.
Later, after going to the hospital, and still being alive, we were at some sort of mall, and I saw the two guys again harassing someone else. So I ran over and grabbed the one that had been shooting me, and started choking him and pounding his head against the wall in a very "next time you shoot someone, you better make sure they're dead.." kinda way. Apparently, I had been shot over 100 times with a .45. (77 of which were like in my ass and lower back alone-- don't know why that's important though.. lol)

It was bizarre, and all the running made me more exhausted when I woke up than I was when I went to sleep. ugh.
I looked up the meanings online and it's pretty descriptive of my life right now. lol

To dream that someone is shooting you with a gun, suggests that you are experiencing some confrontation in your waking life. You may be feeling victimized in some situation.

To dream that you have been stabbed, signifies your struggle with power. You are experiencing feelings of inadequacy and defensiveness. Alternatively, the dream suggests that you are feeling betrayed as reflected by the popular phrase, "being stabbed in the back".

if you are running from an attacker or any danger, then it suggests that you are not facing and confronting your fears.

To dream that you are choking someone, signifies feelings of aggression. You may be trying to prevent something from being said or revealed.

To hear numbers in your dreams, mean that you need to pace yourself in some situation. Or perhaps you need to calm down and take things a little slowly.

On another note, my interview was yesterday, and I think it went fairly well. My friend that works there told me the lady that interviewed me really liked me. So we'll see how it goes. Keep your fingers crossed...
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Recaps and Meme things.

Well hey there! 
It's been a while! I'm so sorry I've neglected my poor LJ. D: 

so. lemme jump right in to updating since the last time I logged in...


Ben and I (as mentioned in the last post) are still together. Yep. going on like 9 months now :D And, not to be all mushy, but he makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. heh

annnywho. so work is still work, (and sucky) and my office has pretty much turned into the Third Reich, and my boss is Der Fuhrer.
it's gotten pretty bad. So im looking for something new... (i have an interview on Tuesday, wish me luck!) 

umm what else. I'm 24 now. (so oooooollld..) i have acquired a dog! haha her name is Laverne (her previous owners named her...) and she's a 3 year old chihuahua mix (not sure but it's either Pomeranian, or Papillon...) and she's ADORABLE. :D hehe

hmm what else.. i guess that's about it? Nothing new really. Oh except for the fact that Ben has gotten me OBSESSED with Doctor Who.
What a great show. Wish I had known about it sooner.. D: I'm currently LOOOOVING the new Doctor (Matt Smith) and I loved the last one (David Tennant) ... I'm hooked. lol

he also got me addicted to OMG. I can't freakin' stay off that site. ugh.

So yeah. that's about it from this end. umm oh and here's a meme i stole frombutterflysteve I'll try to keep up with it.. heh

oh! and if anyone wants to... you're more than welcome to look me up on facebook... it's where I spend most of my time now-a-days.. (just lemme know you're from LJ and your username.. or else i'll be all "who's this weirdo?" lol

so. without further ado---- the MEME.

Day 01 - Your favorite song: Mountains by Biffy Clyro.
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liek omg kids!!

so i need your help! i. am being like, the ultimate fangirl- and entered a contest.

i need YOU. (yes you!) to click this link.

it's basically to spread the word about the Lostprophets new music video... (which is awesome!!) but you don't have to watch it.. i just need you to click it. XD 

im in first place right now... and need to stay in position 1-4 until the 19. >.>;; (which will be kinda hard i think)

anyway. what is this wonderous prize that has her so determined? you ask?


i wants it baaad.

so. click! and tell your friends? <3 i'll love you forever.


jolly good!

so omg. livejournal friends! i have so much to talk about. I've neglected my LJ so much recently!

so ben and I are officially broken up.. as of like a month and a half ago. Which has made some things kinda awkward in the apartment. But anyway.

I'll be moving out next month. In with a coworker probably.. or Calvin.. whichever one works out. 

anyway. so we went to London 2 weeks ago. it was AMAZING. we had such a great time. I want to go back SOOOO bad. And we're actually wanting to go back in 2015 for the Rugby World Cup. :D hehe I really loved London though- and I wish we could have spent more time in Dublin.. maybe we can in 2015. lol

So I mentioned that Ben and I broke up.

I had a date on Saturday.. and we had so much fun :D He's a super cute bass player. Went to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, then watched a movie. 
We had fun though.. and we might go out again sometime... so that's a definite plus. :D

anywho.. i guess that's really about it- it wasn't a WHOLE lot to talk about but at least it was something, eh?
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